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DateTitleAuthorFile download
2018-02-10A Comparison of Goodness-Of-Fit Tests of the Multinomial Logistic Regression Model in Case-Control StudiesLi-Ching Chen 
2016-11-16A Moment-Type Goodness-Of-Fit Test of Multinomial Logistic Model Based on Case-Control StudiesLi-Ching Chen 
2016-01-31A Comparison of Goodness-Of-Fit Tests of the Conditional Logistic Regression Model under Matched Case-Control StudiesLi-Ching Chen 
2015-01-30連續依變項與計數依變項之地理加權自相關模式Yi-Ju Chen 
2013-08-01Poisson-Lognormal Model for Spatial-Temporal DataYa-Mei Chang 
2013-08-01Varying Coefficient Transformation Cure Models with Censored DataMan-Hua Chen 
2013-08-01Cluster Analysis for Multivariate Functional DataPai-Ling Li 
2013-08-01A Study on the Comparisons of Normal Means for Correlated Normal PopulationsShu-Fei Wu 
2013-08-01Progressively Censored Accelerated Life Test with Competing RisksShuo-Jye Wu 
2013-08-01Planning Accelerated Degradation Tests with a Warranty PolicyTzong-Ru Tsai 
2013-08-01Economic Production Quantity Models with Imperfect Production Process under Preventive Manintenace Policy and Permissible Delay in PaymentsChun-Tao Chang 
2013-01-01揮發性有機物自廠排放係數建置作業之研討Jyh-Jiuan Lin 
2012-08-01A Robust Monitoring Method of Mixture Normal Linear ProfilesYi-Hua Wang 
2012-08-01Estimating Distribution from Presence-Absence Maps Using Methods of Spatial StatisticsYa-Mei Chang 
2012-08-01Transformation Cure Model with Interval CensoringMan-Hua Chen 
2012-08-01Classification of Multivariate Longitudinal DataPai-Ling Li 
2012-08-01Transformation Cure Model with Interval CensoringLi-Ching Chen 
2012-08-01Aaveraged Shifted Chi-Square Test of Bivariate Goodness of FitsWen-Shuenn Deng 
2012-08-01The Impact of Missing-Data Mechanisms on Imputation Strategies for Incomplete Longitudinal DataYi-Ju Chen 
2012-08-01One-Stage Multiple Comparison Procedures for the Location Parameters of Exponential Distribution under HeteroscedasticityShu-Fei Wu 


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