Greetings From The Statistics Department Chair

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Statistics at the Tamkang University.

Someone once said that "Big Data" is the next information revolution. 
Every second, there are a wide variety of data generated from all kinds of situations and behaviors through every communication or network channel continuously. 

We are still exploring how to utilize the collections of data sets in terms of technology system for real-time traffic control, weather or earthquake predictions, development of marketing strategies, customization of teaching and learning models, establishment of the lifestyle pattern for future and government price index observation, etc.

Along this main trend, there will be more analysis issues and individuals that might be affected and fluctuated by the wave of big data,
which would eventually change the way people behave and live in the future. 

Fortunately, we, the Department of Statistics, are able to follow the trend closely.  Everything from data collection, pre-processing, statistical analysis to information digging, is an unstoppable trend and challenge for the era of big data. 

At this turning point of human civilization, Data Scientists or Quantitative Analysts who study and graduate from Department of Statistics have infinite chances and potential business opportunities.

Looking into the future, every instructor and student of the Department of Statistics has the opportunity to witness and even participate in this new era of industrial structure and environment that are completely reshuffled and transformed.    

We look forward to see everyon
e using creativity to find new business opportunities and niche from big data development; then demonstrate their competency, pursuit excellence and eventually success in this century’s biggest defining moment.


Jyh-Jiuan Lin

Chair and Professor of Statistics




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